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Epidural catheter technieq, this proven method has been used to decompress spinalnerves without open surgery and lastingly alleviate the pain associated with acuteand chronic spine disorders. Navidian which is sort of Epidural Catheter Systems for theforesaid proven method has the control handle to steer and ideally target with precisionthrough the spinal canal for precise treatment of pathology.


Typical Indications

A Chronic Back Pain

B Post-Laminectomy Syndrome

C Spinal Stenosus

d Herniated Nucleus Pulposus


  • Radiopaque & soft aromatic Shaft

  • Steerable Aromatic distal tip

  • Easy to handle

  • Precision Steering

  • No need to withdraw the stylet to inject medication

Catheter Needle
Whole Length OD Gauge Length
300.0 1.6 15 103
<Unit:mm, Tolelrance:±5 %>


  • Low risk therapy
  • Low invasive
  • Local anesthetic
  • High success rates
  • No scar formation
  • No open surgery
  • Quick recovery
  • Also ideal for patients who have undergone previous surgery
  • Targeted treatment site


  • Patient with inflammation adjacent to the targeted treatment site
  • Patient with hypovolemia
  • Patient’s currently taking anticoagulant meditations (e.g warfarin, aspirin, plavix)

This product is a medical device, Please see the IFU (instruction for use) before using.

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