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Rexious is a low-profile pedicle screw system


Spinal Fixation System

  • 5.5mm Rod system

  • LOW-PROFILE Pedicle Screw<

  • Dual Thread Screw

  • Double Inner cap

  • Modified Buttress Thread Set Screw

  • Various Types of Screw - Mono, Poly, Reduction, Cannulated

Modified buttress thread set screw

Rexious has a unique design of buttress thread which can greatly reduce the spreading forces during the final tightening of the set screw.

Multiple Screw Selection

The REXIOUS SPINAL SYSTEM offers screws in various types, diameters and lengths. Allowing the surgeon to choose the appropriate construct rigidity, based on patient requirements and surgical indications

Cannulated Type
Polyaxial Reduction TypePolyaxial Reduction Type
Cannulated Reduction TypeCannulated Reduction Type
Monoaxial TypeMonoaxial Type
Polyaxial TypePolyaxial Type
Monoaxial Reduction TypeMonoaxial Reduction Type

Polyaxial Spinal Screw

With the flexibility of 50 DEGREES, the screw head can be flexed to any desired position.
The REXIOUS Polyaxial Screw utilizes a double inner cap design which allows the screw head to be semi-fixed before final fixation


Strong Polyaxial Spinal Screw

Reduction Screw Head

Correction and stabilization of difficult anatomical deformities, such as higher grades of spondylolisthesis and other deformities are facilitated by this system. And REXIOUS Reduction Screw Heads achieve controlled and gradual anatomical reduction of deformities.
The Reduction Screw Head is designed to receive the set screw easily and smoothly. The tabs are designed to break away easily when reduction and fixation is completed.


Reduction Screw Head

Dual Thread & Low Profile

Dual threads and a compact screw head promote better control for the surgeon and less time spent in the operating room.


Dual Thread & Low Profile

This product is a medical device; please see the IFU instructions before use.

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